DLR Management System Policy and Principles


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The quality of DLR’s research results, products, and services is essential for our efficiency and competitiveness. DLR meets the highest expectations with regard to research, management, and infrastructure.

DLR enhances competence and motivation of its employees. Their safety and health are major factors.

DLR has established a management system in which all executives and employees are actively involved. The objectives, adequacy, performance, and documentation of DLR’s management system are continuously evaluated.

In the context of its social responsibility, DLR is obliged to comply with laws, standards, and requirements.

To increase its customers’, partners’, and employees’ satisfaction, DLR permanently improves quality and safety, health and environmental protection.

Serving as a benchmark for its partners, DLR utilizes resources carefully and responsibly by avoiding noxious environmental impacts respectively by keeping them as marginal as possible.

DLR informs its customers, partners, employees, and the public actively and permanently on its research results, products and services as well as all provisions to increase quality, environmental protection, and industrial health and safety.

In the context of its special research assignment, DLR supports social interests and topics.

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