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"Normung ist die planmäßige, durch die interessierten Kreise gemeinschaftlich durchgeführte Vereinheitlichung von materiellen und immateriellen Gegenständen zum Nutzen der Allgemeinheit."

(DIN 820 Teil 1)

Aerospace is affected by international cooperation and strongly controlled by national and international regulations and standards in order to ensure safety, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Within the German Space Program, global competitiveness of the European industry is referred to with maximum priority among other aspects in the field of industrial policy. The cooperate preparation of standardized procedures by the European Space Industry and Space Agencies supports this objective.

Harmonizing these standards and standardization activities has to be organized in favor of a competitive involvement of the German Industry and research concerning space activities. DLR via its Quality and Product Assurance Department coordinates and manages this process on a national level.

In particular, this takes place by:

  • steering of space-standard projects within the European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS)
  • own cooperation and promotion of collaboration, e.g. of the industry in space-standard projects within ECSS
  • coordination and representation of the national interests in ECSS-Management Boards
  • standardization project monitoring within the European and international standardization process (CEN, ISO etc.)
  • agreement on standard drafts with other institutions (DIN, CEN, ASD-STAN, IAQG, CCSDS, ISO)
  • coordination and representation of the national shaping of opinion within Space Industry and Space Agency (Industry Conference).

Previous standardization processes need some time for implementation of the determined standards. To speed up standardization processes, the research and development phase standardization was implemented within DLR. Thus, processes presently being developed in research and technology are simultaneously checked with regard to their adherence to standardization and if necessary – monitored by a standardization process. Consequently, at the termination of development a standard is available that on competitive market access procures an advantage and thus a more convenient start position in the developer’s favor. The standardization center monitors DLR-research enterprises and projects in the context of research and development phase standardization. On initiative of "Innovation by Norms and Standards (INS)", DLR closely cooperates with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).

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