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EEE-Parts Qualification

Head of Division: Dr.-Ing. Andreas K. Jain

EEE-parts cover active and passive electronic, electric, and electromechanic parts. In reference to spaceflight technology, the application of such parts - inter alia - requires special characteristics concerning radiation-, vibration-, and temperature resistance.

Parts qualification is an integral part of space quality promoted according to the requirements of space development, and monitoring the corresponding production processes of EEE-parts manufacturing. Therefore, a close coordination and task allocation with the other European space agencies take place.

DLR aligns and represents the interests of German manufacturers and users within the European ESCC-System (European Space Components Coordination). DLR organizes the preparation of strategies concerning effective parts application and technologies in accordance with the space industry. In this context, DLR hosts periodic users and industry conferences in favor of manufacturers and users of EEE-parts.

Further objectives of the German space program are supported:

  • Maintenance and strengthening of core capabilities of the European space corporate groups’ subsidiaries in Germany;
  • enhancement and support of suppliers’ and SME competitiveness;
  • provision for participation of suppliers and SME in market competition at subsystem-, parts-, and equipment level;
  • increase of efficiency by standardization of subsystems and interfaces as well as commercial utilization of available components.

Availability of the required parts must be assured at competitive prizes for the respective space projects. The resulting enhanced competitiveness of the German parts and equipment manufacturers (users) has a multiple economic impact on product implementation of parts and equipment.

In order to provide more effectiveness and closer cooperation with the German space industry, DLR decided on cooperation with TESAT Spacecom (q. v. “Retrospection of the progression of EEE-parts for space use”).

On behalf of DLR, TESAT Spacecom operates the password-protected Internet-sites with information for space part users (www.ibara.de), implying amongst others: updated user information, qualification status, protocols, presentations and action plans of previous user conferences as well as reports concerning international activities.

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Quality and Product Assurance Department

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