Working Group Quality (AKQ)


 Permanent Working Group of Quality Representatives
zum Bild Permanent Working Group of Quality Representatives

The Working Group Quality is the central advisory board on issues of quality management within DLR. Chairperson is the DLR Quality Management Representative.

The Working Group Quality consists of the DLR Quality Representatives. The disciplinary subordination to the heads of institutes and establishments and the technical assignment to the Quality Management Representative assure the independence of the Quality Representatives. With respect to the Quality Management Representative, they have both an information obligation and a duty of notification. Together with the Quality Representatives of the institutes and establishments the Quality Management Representative is responsible for the implementation of activities agreed with the Steering Committee.

In addition to the Working Groups Environment as well as Occupational Safety, the Working Group Quality is the solid base for the strategic development of the DLR management system. The multisite activities of the working group are organized in the frame of general meetings, retreats, and regional meetings. Moreover, experts and special working groups set up additional meetings for draft preparation as a decision basis depending on the topic.

The regular meetings answer networking, sharing experiences of the Quality Representatives, the promotion of synergies as well as the improvement and development of quality-related processes within DLR.

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