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Laureates 2011


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On January 26th, 2012 the Quality Prize was awarded for the ninth time in the course of DLR’s New Year’s Meeting (photo 1).

Essential criteria for selection of the laureates are commitment to excellence with respect to systematic quality assurance and quality management to the advantage of DLR as well as specific merits with respect to introduction and consistent implementation of quality management within their departments and within their areas of responsibility.

DLR Vice-Chairman, Mr. Klaus Hamacher, and the DLR Quality Management Representative, Mrs. Britta Schade, awarded the Quality Prize 2011 to

  • Mr. Tobias Schlauch, DLR Software Engineering Representative (photo 2);
  • Mr. Wolfgang Kling, Information Security Representative DLR Space Operation and Astronaut Training (photo 3) as well as
  • Messrs. Jean-Marc Pfeiffer, Dr. Christian Piehler and Dr. Detlef Zukunft (nonattendant), Team Quality Management System of DLR Program Directorate Transport (photo 4).

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