Honorary Doctor of Laws in the International Space Station for Astronaut Bob Thirsk


 Ehrendoktortitel für Astronaut Bob Thirsk
Honory Doctor of laws for Astronaut Bob Thirsk
In a convocation ceremony on 8 July 2009 Dr. Med. Bob Thirsk received an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Calgary, Canada. Remarkable was that the Canadian astronaut could not be present on the university campus during the ceremony. Since May 2009 Bob Thirsk is part of the current six man crew of the International Space Station, orbiting the Earth at a speed of 28000 km/h. The Canadian Space Agency CSA even thought to provide Bob Thirsk with a robe which was shipped in one of the last supply spacecraft to the ISS. However it turned out that because of the weightlessness in space this piece of clothing does not really show the grandeur compared to wearing it on Earth …

Bob Thirsk is well known to the Flight Control Team at the Columbus Control Center in Munich. Like other ESA astronauts he worked here as a EUROCOM (responsible for the voice communication with the ISS astronauts). The Flight Control Team attentively followed this very special ceremony and his colleagues in the EUROCOM position were very happy for Thirsk: “He really deserved it – we very much appreciate his calm, highly competent and always pleasant way of working together.”

The Munich team prepared a special greeting card for their colleague which was sent to the ISS together with a picture taken in the Columbus Control Center. For the formal congratulations the team still has to wait several months until Bob Thirsk has completed his tasks onboard the ISS where he works with the ESA astronaut Frank de Winne.as part of the six man crew. The Honorary Doctor of Laws is the second doctorate degree for Thirsk who in earlier years had earned a medical degree.




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