DLR - Workshop: "Digital Divide and Satellites: Chances, Difficulties and Actions"

On November 11th, 2003, the Commission of the European Communities presented a White Paper on "Space: a new European frontier for an expanding Union - An action plan for implementing the European Space policy". It will be a major objective in 2004 to define space contributions to the policy challenges for Europe identified and agree on a strategy for their implementations.

One particular challenge addressed is "to ensure widespread high speed Internet availability and usage throughout the enlarged European Union" and "to use to the full the potential offered by all available broadband technologies (including satellite communications) to bridge the digital divide."

As a first step to meet this task, German Space Agency DLR is organizing a Workshop dedicated to "Digital Divide and Satellite: Chances, Difficulties and Actions". The objectives of the Workshop are:

  • to reach a common understanding of the term "Digital Divide",
  • to assess its importance and
  • to set out a roadmap on the way to define a joint ESA/EU initiative as a space contribution to close it.

The Workshop will be held at DLR, Bonn-Oberkassel, Königswinterer Strasse 522-524, on February 11th, 2004. DLR is looking forward to an interesting meeting and invites you to join us in the discussions expected.

Thema Institution Referent
Welcome and Opening Remarks DLR K. Berge
Digital Divide: The Satellite Offer
The Roadmap for an ESA Programme
ESA, Applications Directorate D. Faivre
The White Paper: Bridging the Digital Divide - A Task for Europe EC; Directorate General for Research; Space Policy L. Tytgat (H.-J. Kroh)
The German Broadband Strategy Ministry of Economics & Employment B.-W. Weismann
The Satellite Operators Perspectives
- Services, Chances, Obstacles -
SES AstraEUTELSAT P. SchülerH. Ischebeck
Bridging the "Fracture Numérique": Technical and programmatic ideas in France CNES D. Leboulc´h
Broadband via Satellite: Positioning and Requirements ND SatCom B. Neumeyer
Service Providers View: Uniform Broadband Services for EU and New Member States SATLYNX P. Heinerscheid
Internet Access in the EU and beyond Triaton GmbH, ThyssenKrupp Service D. Ellenbogen
The Global Perspectives of Digital Divide: Satellite Services in Asia and Africa Detecon International G. Weiss
Internet Access via Satellite: Enhancing the Satellite Performance Tellitec Engineering GmbH N. Seifert
A Road Map for European Broadband Satellite: Regulatory Change & Technology Development Global VSAT Forum M. Jarrold
Summary and Close of Workshop DLR G. Kraft

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