ESA Affairs

There is a marked political dimension to European space activities. Representing national interests as effectively as possible within the international arena is part of modern spaceflight management. At the same time it is similarly important to enhance and sustainably strengthen European space policy as a whole.

The department's mission

"ESA Affairs" is one of the DLR Space Administration’s central units. One of its key responsibilities is to provide support to political leaders and DLR decision-makers by developing Germany’s politically and strategically co-ordinated positions and negotiating lines, and by representing them consistently and uniformly on all ESA bodies.

Further tasks include developing and strengthening relations with the European Space Agency (ESA) and 17 fellow ESA member states as well as monitoring and evaluating space activities across Europe in order to be effectively aware of the European context when defining national policies.

Building up and enhancing European cooperation is of strategic importance, especially at the interface between ESA and the European Union, where a harmonised European space policy needs to be developed and consolidated. Another key activity is to provide input to EU’s industry and technology policy.

The team of the ESA Affairs department and its representatives on the various ESA bodies are strongly committed to preparing and co-ordinating DLR's public statements and to representing Germany's national interests efficiently within ESA.

Dr. Gerd R. Kraft
German Aerospace Center

Space Administration
, ESA-Affairs
Tel: +49 228 447-368

Fax: +49 228 447-711

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