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 Europe at night
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In its work, DLR Space Administration concentrates on a number of eminent projects and missions in space research. In consultation with science, industry, and the European Space Agency (ESA) it implements key national and international projects covering all core areas of space research.

Acting on a mandate of the Federal Government, the Space Administration takes on important tasks such as helping to secure the material basis of life through environmental observation, disaster prevention, and resource management. Another objective is to promote academic science.

Activities to promote science include missions to explore the Earth, the Solar System, and outer space as well as conducting medical, biological, physical, and technological research in microgravity conditions. Given that these activities require the development and application of sophisticated high-tech equipment for launchers, satellites, and space probes, they also underpin the performance of Germany's economy.

The new knowledge thus obtained helps Germany, Europe and the world cope with the challenges confronting them in the fields of environmental management, mobility, business, security, and social development.

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