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Navigation and positioning applications are of key importance in coordinating the various transport modes as well as playing a part in many other sectors of the economy, too. America’s GPS is also used as a high-precision time signal for synchronising computer and mobile-phone networks as well as power stations for energy suppliers.

With its satellite navigation system, Galileo, Europe is in the process of creating its own autonomous and civilian alternative to GPS. Offering outstanding quality and integrity, Galileo will strengthen European sovereignty, and contribute towards improved efficiency, resource protection, sustainability, as well as safety and security.

Galileo is a large-scale European initiative, and a landmark project of vast economic potential for all participating countries. Having recognised this opportunity, Germany has created the necessary framework that will make German enterprises attractive co-operation partners, and works to ensure completion of the entire Galileo constellation as planned.

It is important for Germany to ensure that Galileo becomes established next to GPS as a reliable and efficient satellite navigation system, especially in the minds of navigation hardware manufacturers and value-added-service providers.



Navigation: the National Programme

To pave the way for future applications of satellite-based navigation, the Space Administration funds a variety of Galileo test environments in Germany.


Navigation: the EU programmes

Galileo is a programme led by the European Commission in collaboration with ESA which aims to develop and make available a global civilian satellite navigation system.



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