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Satellite-based navigation is a technology of modern society that is becoming increasingly significant and simultaneously developing enormous market potential due to the rapidly growing number of fields of application. DLR Space Administration's primary objective in this sector is to strengthen the international competitiveness of German industry, but also to specifically promote basic research in paving the way for commercially exploitable technologies.

The key activity in satellite navigation is the development of new fields of application in all sectors of transport - aviation, shipping and ground transport - but also in geodetic surveying, farming and not least space flight. Precision positioning by means of satellite navigation is just as important in this context as the provision of a highly accurate time standard, which can be used, for example, to synchronize telecommunication networks, measure power supply times for energy providers, or to precisely date complex transactions in banking, finance and insurance.

Currently, increasing attention is being given to the development of technologies for the space and ground segments of Europe's planned Galileo satellite navigation system, a project in which Germany plays a leading role. This activity also includes the development of innovative user terminals for receiving the navigation signals available in the future.

Another task is to advise the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing (BMVBW) in the field of satellite navigation and its applications, support the BMVBW in EU committees on issues relating to GALILEO, and represent Germany's interests in ESA committees that address navigation.

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