*** NCP Space Event*** International Information Day on the 2nd Galileo Call in FP7

From 5th - 6th February
2009 the "International Infoday on the 2nd Galileo Call in the 7th EU Framework Programme" was held in Munich, Germany. The National Contact Point (NCP) for Space and the NCP for Transport from Germany jointly organized this well suited combination of information about the call contents and meeting potential project partners for the initiation of proposals.

Participants who arrived in Munich on 5th February had been invited to take part in an industry tour to IABG where testing facilities for satellites can be visited. On the same evening a reception took place in the Munich City Hall to facilitate matchmaking. 

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The Get-together was supported by the City of Munich
More than hundred participants attended the International Infoday at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Munich and Upper Bavaria (IHK) on 6th February. The event started with a talk on proposal writing aspects from the view of an evaluator. This was followed by an information part presented by Boris Kennes from the GSA. The call content was presented as well as legal aspects. Also the calls for tenders, for which more than 25 percent of the 2nd call's budget are earmarked, were covered. Afterwards experienced
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The Infoday was supported by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
coordinators of successful Galileo projects gave an insight in their projects and their know-how on how to file a good proposal. The participants took the opportunity to experience their users view and tie in with their ongoing projects.

The afternoon was dedicated to a brokerage event. 19 participants took the chance to give short presentations on their company profiles and project ideas. After these presentations participants met each other and found possible partners for common proposals.

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Presentations are online

The presentations held during the Infoday are available online. To access the individual presentations please download the file "Presentations Galileo Infoday MUC". You may open the individual presentations by clicking on their titles. You may also download all presentations as a whole packed in a ZIP-file. Both, the document "Presentations Galileo Infoday MUC"  as well as the ZIP-file can be found in the download section of this webpage. In the link section you may find the webaddress of an album showing pictures taken during the event.


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Presentations Galileo Infoday MUC (http://www.dlr.de/rd/en/Portaldata/28/Resources/dokumente/rp6/rp7/galileo_infotag_muenchen/Presentations_Galileo_Infoday_MUC.pdf)
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