Project PAPAS

PAPAS – Plug-And-Play Antriebs- und Steuerungskonzepte für die Produktion von Morgen

The increasing integration of mechanics, sensors and actuators to mechatronic systems and their control by software enables the development of new operation systems which are faster, more precise and intuitively to program. An integrated system design process is assumed which includes modelling, simulation and optimization and all including parts of mechatronics. The integrated design process enables to build up future operation systems in a modular way and thus to integrate innovations of actuation and peripheral devices manufacturers in an efficient way into the systems.

The objective of PAPAS is to customize this design process to the manufacturers of engineering and plant constructions as well as to component producers. Also modular light-weight robots, suitable for industry, will be realized by a “Plug-And-Play” technique.

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