Linear Drive Cylinder

The DLR Mechatronic Linear Drive Cylinder is much more than a standard linear drive system. Equipped with a force sensor and two position sensors, the DLR linear drive extends to a position-impedance controlled actuator. With these characteristics, the DLR linear drive constitutes a new actuator technology with many new potential applications, such as steer-by-wire.

Due to the torsion-stabilized lifting mechanism, the DLR Linear Drive can quickly and reliably be integrated without any additional effort. The integrated miniaturized 16-bit micro-controller H8S2134 enables on-board control of position and impedance, as well as the connectivity via the standard serial I/O-interfaces (RS-422 or RS-232).

Core element of the mechatronic linear drive is the patented DLR planetary roller screw that transforms a low torque high dynamic rotation into a high force translation. With the closet spatial integration of the high resolution incremental position sensor, the absolute position sensor, and the force sensor which is adaptable in its measurement range, the DLR Linear Drive is a perfect example of a new generation mechatronic drive system.

Data sheet
Total Weight 735 g
Length 104 mm
Stroke Length 50 mm
Max. Force 1000 N
Max. Velocity 16 mm/s
Force Sensor (strain gauge)
Resolution 10 bit
Position Sensor (magneto-resistive)
Resolution 8 bit / Spindel
Accuracy 0.001 mm

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