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Platform ELHASPA:

Electric High Altitude Solar Powered Aircraft


Solar powered aircraft for long endurance missions
in the stratosphere.

ELHASPA is a demonstration and research vehicle to advance technology and test applications for infinite high altitude solar flight.

Aircraft Specifications

 Wingspan  23 m
 Length  10 m
 Empty weight  100 kg
 Payload 5 kg 
 Engine power 2 x 2 kW 

This platform was created in cooperation with EADS-Astrium, EADS-Cassidian, Steinbeis Flugzeug- und LeichtbauGmbH and Roedelmodell.

Platform ELWIRA:

Extreme Low-Weight Intelligent Robotic Aircraft


Autonomous platform for testing different payloads
and avionic system.

During 2009, the cooperation of Rödelmodell, Mavinci and DLR has brought forth a universal experimental platform for flying robots technologies. The airplane, Elwira, is based on Rödelmodell's model aircraft technology and is equipped with avionic- and software system developed by DLR. With a wing-span of 4.3m and a typical payload of 14 kg, it is capable of carrying most experiments to be conducted in an unmanned aerial vehicle without need for miniaturization.

ELWIRA is currently used as a platform for payload tests and as a flying testbed for the Elhaspa aircraft.

Aircraft Specifications:

Wingspan 4.5 m 
Length 2.7 m 
Empty weight 20 kg 
Payload  20 kg
Engine power 2 x 2 kW electric 
Cruising speed 22 m/s 
First automomous flight  2009/06/16 

Platform FRAUKE:

Flying Robot for Autonomous Unmanned Experiments


Autonomous platform for experiments related to
multi sensor navigation and control.

FRAUKE is a universal test platform for quick integration and test of technologies in a fixed wing aircraft. The airframe was designed to have a lot of space for avionics and sensors.

The avionics hard- and software used are developed by DLR. FRAUKE has a powerful image processing system installed which is interconnected to the control system to perform vision based control maneuvers. FRAUKE is the main research platform for control, guidance and sensor processing algorithms for fixed wing UAVs.

Aircraft Specifications:

 Wingspan 2.8 m
 Flight duration 15 min
 Empty weight 10 kg
 Payload 5 kg 
 Engine power 4 kW electric

Video of Frauke landing.

Platform ADAM1:

Autonomous Demonstrator for Aerial Manipulation

Aircraft Specifications:

 Rotor diameter  1.9 m
 Flight duration  10 min
 Empty weight  13 kg
 Payload  2 kg 
 Engine power  1.5 kW electric 

Platform ADAM2:

Autonomous Demonstrator for Aerial Manipulation

ADAM2 is an advanced electric helicopter built on the experience in flying ADAM1. Special attention was concentrated on longer endurance, higher reliability and better control. For these reasons, the center of gravity was shifted up and the power supply was designed redundant.

Several systems were also reduced in weight.

Manual and autonomous flight tests were conducted and show good results.

ADAM2 will be used in upcoming aerial manipulation experiments and other helicopter related tasks

Aircraft Specifications:

 Rotor diameter  1.9 m
 Flight duration  15 min
 Empty weight  13 kg
 Payload  3 kg 
 Engine power  1.5 kW electric 

Platform ALUSTRA

ALUSTRA is built as a research platform and sensor carrier to advance control systems and applications in lighter than air technology. Especially compensation of wind influence on the airship makes controlling a challenging task.

Several strong thrusters provide high maneuverability to allow precise control of attitude and velocity.

The project is conducted in cooperation with Technical University of Munich.

Aircraft Specifications:

 Electrical powered  
 Empty weight  60 kg
 Payload  20 kg 
 Flight duration  45 min



Different multicopters:

 Empty weight  1-3 kg
 Payload  0.2-1 kg
 Electrical powered  
 Flight duration  20 min 

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