Technical Details

  The following table provides an overview of the ROboMObil's main dimensions and specifications.


Main dimensions of the ROboMObil




Driving Power (kW) 4 x 16
Recuperation Power (kW) 4 x 16
Braking System  Electrohydraulic By-Wire-Discbrake 
Propulsion Method 4 Inwheel Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Dimensions and Weight


Length (mm)

Width (mm) 1680 
Height (mm)  1955
Wheelbase (mm) 2398 
Track Width (mm) 1450 
Tyre Dimensions   205 / 16 / 25 
Kerb Weight (kg)  938 (without driver)
Maximum Speed (km/h) 100
0-80km/h (s) 10
Maximum Torque (Nm) 4 x 160
Maximum Braketorque (Nm) 4 x 160
Power Supply  
Type of Battery Li-Ion 
Number of Cells 90s1p

Traction Battery Voltage (V)

On-Board Voltage (V) 26.8
Number of Seats 2
Front Suspension Double-Wishbone with Rocker
Rear Suspension Double-Wishbone with Rocker
Maximum Steering Angles (°) -25 / +95
Exterior Material CFRP
Sensor Technology  
Steering Angle Resolver 
Spring Deflection Lift Potentiometer
Distance Measurement Ultrasonic
Velocity Correvit S-HR
Wheel Accleration  Corrsys-Datron / KSE 
Orientation OxTS RT4003
Perception Sensors  
Number of Cameras

1 x Stereo (color), 5 x Stereo (monochrome), 2 x Triple (monochrome)

Field of View (°) 360 (overall)
Framerate (fps) up to 60
Resolution (px) 782 x 582
Interface  Gigabit Ethernet 





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