Internship/Werkstudent: Software development for the DLR Robotic Motion Simulator

8 July 2013

Description of work

The DLR-Robotic Motion Simulator(RMS) is a serial kinematics based platform that employs an industrial manipulator to impart motion cues to the attached simulator cell. So far, KUKA Roboter GmbH has developed (sometimes in co-operation with DLR) several versions of their motion simulator (called, 'Robocoaster') which have mostly been used for amusement park attractions. In this case, the setup is said to be passive i.e. there is no direct user intervention during the motion. At DLR, we primarily look into active scenarios i.e. the motion trajectory is generated from user input (e.g. through a joystick).

To move the simulator as per the user input, we use KUKA-RSI(Robot Sensor Interface) to communicate with the robot control system. Through RSI, we can command the desired postion to the robot from an external computer over Ethernet and can also access various robot state parameters. For more information on RSI refer to the following webpage.

You are required to assist in further development of the RSI communication software. The software is written using C++. So knowledge of C++ is a must. Other prerequisites are as follows:

  • basics of manipulator kinematics
  • working knowledge of Matlab
  • good knowledge in C/C++
  • experience with KUKA robots is preferred, but not essential
  • experience with ROS is preferred, but not essential

Duration and beginning:

Duration negotiable (minimum 3 months), starting as soon as possible.

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