Institute of System Dynamics and Control



Director: Dr. Johann Bals

The Institute of System Dynamics and Control is responsible for advancing the state-of-the-art in system dynamics and control technologies for high-performance mechatronic systems in aerospace, robotics and ground vehicle application. The increasing requirements on higher performance, improved comfort, safety, lower energy consumption, etc. for innovative technical products urge the need for better dynamics and control methods and tools of practical value. In response to this need, the System Dynamics and Control Department conducts research in the following areas:

  • Multidisciplinary modeling and systems identification
  • Computational methods for control
  • Robust and fault tolerant control methods
  • Non-linear model based control synthesis methods
  • Optimization-based multi-disciplinary design and analysis

The above fields of competence and the related control engineering methods and tools are utilised to solve challenging dynamics and control problems in close cooperation with aerospace, automotive, railway and robotics industries. We contribute to solutions in the following areas:

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