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Finished Projects

2010-2013 SAFROS (7th EU Framework Programme research project (FP7-ICT-2009.5.2))

SAFROS addressed the development of technologies for patient safety in robotic surgery. Its aims were:

  • to define patient safety metrics for surgical procedures
  • to develop methods that abide by safety requirements
  • to demonstrate that a properly controlled robotic suergery carried out in accordance to our safety criteria can improve the level of patient safety currently achievable by traditional surgery

2006-2009 AccuRobAs (6th EU Framework Programme research project (FP6-IST-2005-2.6.1))

The main objective of the project was to develop an innovative and universal robotic assistant system to support a human in dextrous manipulation. For this reason we addressed methods to increase accuracy for lightweight compliant robotic systems during surgical procedures on different levels of autonomy. This varies from telemanipulation to autonomous behaviour. Independent of the control status, a user has the ability to intervene into the treatment process. The approach focused on adaptive control by exhibiting rich sensory-motor skills and multi-sensory measurement to distinctly increase the system accuracy.

2006-2009 Project MiroSurge of BFS (Bavarian Research Foundation)

The objective of the MiroSurge project was the development of an innovative and versatile robotic system for endoscopic telesurgery.

1999-2010 Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 453 of DFG “High-Fidelity Telepresence and Teleaction”

The objective of the Collaborative Research Center was to overcome barriers between a local operator and the remote environment by use of telepresence and teleaction technologies. Barriers are formed, e.g. by spatial distances, inaccessible environments, and scaling tasks, as present in minimal invasive surgery or micro assembly. In addition to visual and auditory information the haptic modality plays an important role.


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