Multi-sensor five-fingered hand with fifteen degrees of freedom

On the technology basis of the DLR-HIT Hand I, the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have jointly developed a new robot hand. Compared with the DLR-HIT Hand I, the new hand, DLR-HIT Hand II, has five modular fingers and each finger has four joints and three degrees of freedom, which is smaller and lighter.

Altogether there are 15 motors in the finger body and palm. The hand is actuated by commercial flat brushless DC motors commutated by digital hall sensors.

There is an absolute angle sensor and a strain-gauge based joint torque sensor at each joint. The high speed real time communication bus is implemented by FPGA.

The DLR-HIT Hand II is the further development of the DLR-HIT Hand I, which has been successfully used in some research institutes in USA, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany and China.

DLR-HIT-Hand I was awarded by IF-Design Award 2007 and first prize of EURON Technology Transfer Award 2007 for the successful cooperation between research and industry.


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