Integrated Vehicle Modelling and Simulation

Both simulation-based evaluation and model-based controller design require multi­disciplinary modelling of the mechatronic chassis. It is therefore necessary to enhance and refine the modelling options with regard to all the above-mentioned aspects. To this end, we are developing a Modelica-based automotive model kit consisting of various compatible and complementary libraries that go far beyond mapping the pure driving dynamics.  Moreover, interfaces and software for common standards as for tyre models and physical road definitions are included.

The compatibility of the different Modelica libraries each covering different disciplines or sub-systems allows for compilation of complex integrated models within a single framework and tool. Thus the former disadvantageous need for co-simulation is avoided. The details of the abovementioned libraries are explained in the next section.

They are complemented by the DLR-initiated EuroSysLib project, which aims at European leadership in system modelling and simulation through innovative Modelica libraries.

The integrative modelling of a complex mechatronic vehicle was demonstrated at the World Automotive Congress FISITA 2008. Here, we presented interactive hardware-in-the-loop (i.e. real-time) simulation of the multibody chassis with hybrid drive powertrain together with vehicle dynamics control such as anti-lock braking, rollover avoidance or yaw stabilisation. Involved was also a force-feedback steering wheel as well as high quality visualisation of vehicle, landscape and road. For virtual testing in the near future, robot-based motion simulation together with visualisation will allow a driving experience close to reality.

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