Passivity-based Controller for Motion Tracking and Damping Assignment

Active Damping Control

The low intrinsic damping properties of variable stiffness mechanisms lead to oscillatory dynamical behavior (cf. right picture). A desired convergence behavior can be achieved by active damping control based on state feedback control and the system flatness property (cf. left picture).

Active / Passive Cartesian Impedance Control

The combination of active (impedance) control with passive elasticities increases the stiffness range and shape.


Optimal Control / Cyclic Motion Control

The elastic energy storage of the variable stiffness actuators can be exploited to generate explosive and cyclic motions. Thereby, the natural dynamics of the plant is excited.

Cyclic Motion


  • anthropomorphic kinematic offers excellent grasping capabilities
  • flexible tendons provide impressive robustness but require complex control scheme

Frequency Analysis

  • internal forces can modulate the joint stiffness but must satisfy the torque and pulling constraints


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