Masterarbeiten, Bachelerarbeiten, Praktika, Werkstudium

Masters Thesis/Diplomarbeit, Werkstudent, or Intership (Praktikum) in Modular Robotics

26. November 2012

Start date: flexible
Duration: minimum three months, maximum negotiable

Our group studies a wide range of topics utilizing modular robots, especially with (but not limited to) endeffectors (e.g. robot hands).  We currently have several open student positions in the following areas:  

  *   Robot endeffector manipulation strategies
  *   Robot mechanism design for rapid reconfiguration of modular robot components
  *   Force-feedback telemanipulation
  *   System Identification
  *   Controller tuning and design for modular robot grasp and manipulation
  *   Robot hand sensor fusion
  *   Visual servo for robot manipulation
  *   Task-driven robot planning and architecture

We are looking for candidates in the area of Engineering, Computer Science (Informatics), Physics, or a related field. You should have some, but not necessarily all, of the following abilities and knowledge:

  *   An interest in robotics!
  *   Matlab/Simulink
  *   Maple
  *   C/C++
  *   Modelica/Dymola
  *   Simpack
  *   Pro/E
  *   Previous experience in Multi-body simulation softwares such as SIMPACK or Modelica/Dymola is desired, but not required
  *   Some experience with robotics is desired, but not required
  *   Ability to learn on the go

We will determine the suitable position type (thesis, intership, or Werkstudent) based on your interests and a discussion with you.

If you are interesting in working with us, or are interested just in our topics, please feel free to contact us. To help us get to know you a bit before arranging an interview, please send us a cover letter and your CV to the contact liste below.

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