Data sheet of DLR Hand II

Sensors of a single finger

  • 3 joint position sensors: specially designed conductive plastic potentiometers
  • 3 joint torque sensors: strain gauge sensors
  • 3 motor position/speed sensors: analog Hall sensors with interpolation
  • 1 six-dimensional finger tip force torque sensor: strain gauge sensors
  • 3 motor temperature sensors: NTCs
  • 3 sensors for temperature compensation: integrated sensors


Brushless DC motor with Harmonic-Drive and tooth belt gear

Motors: 11(24) mNm, 17,000 rpm for medial joint
24(35) mNm, 6,000 rpm for proximal joint
Gears: Harmonic Drive gears, 1.8 Nm, 6,000 rpm, 100:1 identical for all joints
Tooth belt gear: 1.2:1 in proximal joint
2:1 in medial joint

Degrees of Freedom

  • Four identical fingers with four joints and three degrees of freedom the medial and distal joints are directly coupled 1:1. One additional degree of freedom in the palm. In total the hand has 13 degrees of freedom.


  • Four identical fingers with four joints and three degrees of freedom each and an aluminum open skeleton structure with injection molded plastic shells
  • bevel gear in the base joint

Motion ranges

extension / flexion proximal joint - 55° / 75°
abduction / adduction proximal joint ± 37°
extension / flexion medial and distal joint - 20° / 105°

Link lengths

proximal link 75 mm
medial link 40 mm
distal link 40 mm


active force perpendicular to the stretched fingertip: 30 N


approximately 360°/s for each joint


a single finger: 375 g
the complete hand: 1800 g


  • Sensor electronics located directly beside the sensors
  • A/D-conversion in each finger link. Serial communication system connecting within the finger to connect the finger links with a minimum number of cables. Serial communication system connecting the fingers to the hand and the hand to any external control computer.
  • Number of cables to the hand:
    • 4-wire power supply (24 V motor power supply and 50 V, 20 kHz power supply for electronics)
    • 8-wire serial communication interface
  • Hot pluggable tool change within a few seconds with a customized tool retainer

Control computer

Two-CPU PowerPC VME bus system

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