Miniature Force-Torque Sensor

General Description

The newly developed miniature six-component force/torque sensor (20mm in diameter and 16mm in height,  patent pending) with full digital output has been developed for the fingertip of   the new generation dexterous robot hand DLR Hand-II . It consists of a transducer, high-flex cable, and intelligent DSP based ISA controller. The force and torque measure ranges are 10N for Fx and Fy,40N for Fz, 150Nmm for Mx, My and Mz respectively. Also a 200% mechanical overload protection is provided in the structure.

DSP-Based Interface Systems

DSP-based interface card provides an easy interface between a computer (IBM-AT bus) and a fingertip force/torque transducer. It transmits serial data, use the latest technology to provide 6 degree-offreedom force and torque data at very high bandwidths. Use of a powerful Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows the ISA card to provide decoupled and digitally filtered data at 7.5 kHz per channel.

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