Closed Space Robotics Missions (in alphabetical order)


MISSISS walking robot concept (left), walking robot concept for EUROBOT (right)
In 2000 the nationally funded study MISSIS (Mobile Inspection and Service System for ISS) aimed at the development of a mobile inspection and service system for the ISS Columbus module. The major goal was to demonstrate advanced technologies for security enhancement of the station while reducing extra-vehicular activities (EVA) and thus reserve more time for other research activities. The study resulted in the MISSIS system that is composed of a fully symmetrical robot (in total 7 DoF) with its primary goal to autonomously carry out inspection tasks by walking along the outer shell of the Columbus module while making use of existing T-handle rails for fixation. The manipulator walking-over operations were supposed to start from its homing position at the balcony platform, serving as a docking station that gives support for additional resources (power and data supply). A major task was scanning of the surface with a stereo camera system, while searching for potential gas leakages. Walk-over requires the design of identical end effectors on each end of the arm with appropriate power supply and data transfer. Manipulator design with kinematic redundancy for these robotic-based scenarios has been performed by using our 3rd generation light-weight modules for joints, links and wrist assembly. Finally a similar walkover and inspection concept was developed for a three-arm system following ESA’s EUROBOT concepts.


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