Team: Flugregelung und autonomes Fliegen

Active Loads Control

Improved Loads Control Design for Contemporary Aircraft Configurations

Within the MODYAS project (LuFo III) we provided models, methods and tools for joint synthesis of structural & load control function parameters to achieve lower loads, lower weight, higher comfort, higher crew & passenger safety and lower costs. This implies an interdisciplinary cooperation between structure, aeroelastics, loads, flight mechanics, handling quality and mass properties.

Within the DLR-Project Wetter und Fliegen and the LuFo Project InnoLA (part of the FTEG project) we will develop and flight test control functions for flight in disturbed atmosphere (gust, turbulence, wake vortices).

Integration of New Sensors and Control Surfaces in Active Loads Control Systems

Within the European 5th framework project AWIATOR we were involved in the development and flight testing of new control strategies for Gust Load Alleviation with the focus on the usage of new direct-lift control devices (mini-TEDs) and a forward-looking LIDAR sensor for determination of wind turbulences ahead of the aircraft.

Furthermore, we developed algorithms enabling the identification of flexibility effects on the outer wing within a manoeuvre loads context based on the Maximum Likelihood method.

Active Loads Control for Innovative Aircraft Configurations

Following the ACARE vision 2020, aircraft must become significantly cleaner and quieter so that the aeronautics sector’s contribution to a sustainable environment is widely recognised. Significant improvements in aircraft efficiency and noise can be only achieved with major changes in aircraft configuration.

Within the European projects ACFA 2020, JTI-SFWA and the DLR Project iGreen, innovative configurations like a Blended Wing Body Aircraft, adaptive wings and Ultra Green Transport Aircrafts are investigated and robust, fault tolerant loads control functions are designed for structural weight reduction, comfort improvement and vibration reduction.


  • EU-ACFA 2020: active control for blended wing body aircraft
  • EU-JTI-SFWA: aeroelastic model integration and active loads control
  • EU-AWIATOR: design of real-time gust estimation techniques and active loads control functions
  • DLR-Wetter und Fliegen: design of feedback control laws for flight in turbulent air (gust, turbulence, wake vortices)
  • DLR-iGreen: wind tunnel test of active loads control techniques
  • LuFo-MODYAS: models, methods and tools for joint synthesis of structural & load control functions
  • LuFo-FTEG-InnoLA: design of active loads control functions with flight test on DLR-ATTAS


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