VibroTac is a device that generates vibrotactile feedback to transmit information to a human. It makes use of the haptic channel instead of the visual or auditory channel, thus it is predestined for blind or deaf persons and for the use in loud environments as well as in situations where visual and auditory channels are overcharged.

Six vibration segments, distributed around the arm in equal distances, generate tactile stimuli that are separately and continuously adjustable in frequency and shape. Hence, various kinds of information such as direction, distance or collision feedback can be displayed to the user in an unobtrusive way. Due to the patented ergonomic concept, the device can be worn on a wide range of arm diameters while battery power and wireless control contribute to unrestricted movement capability and user convenience.

VibroTac can

  • feed back collisions and information from Virtual Reality Simulations or Telerobotic Systems to the human
  • give directional hints for navigation tasks
  • guide arm movements
  • direct attention e.g. for Air Traffic Control Environments
  • support blind persons as a technical aid.

Ongoing research focuses on the application dependent optimization of stimuli pattern as well as on different Human Factors aspects. VibroTac has been developed at the DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics and is now manufactured under license by SENSODRIVE.


VibroTac is suitable for various applications.



  • DLR Innovation Award 2012
  • Finalist in the WT (Wearable Technology) Innovation World Cup 2012
  • Winner of the M2M Challenge (category Healthcare) 2012/2013
  • Third place at the "senetics Innovation-Award" 2014 (innovative product idea in Healthcare)
  • Third place at the "euRobotics Technology Transfer Award" 2015

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