Analysis and Control of Advanced Robotic Systems

11 March 2014

Head of Department: Dr. Christian Ott


Passivity based control of flexible joint robots

The Department of Analysis and Control of Advanced Robotic Systems develops solutions for realizing a desired closed loop behavior in advanced robotic systems. This includes in particular the high-performance motion generation, manipulation, locomotion, and interaction with humans and the environment, as well as the control oriented system analysis.

Research Topics

These research topics are essential basic components for the robot systems developed at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics and are necessary for the higher level cognitive skills and task-oriented planning methods developed at the Departments of Autonomy and Teleoperation and Perception and Cognition. In close interdisciplinary collaboration with the Department of Mechatronic Systems and Components, the department contributes to the design, specification and implementation of novel mechatronic drive concepts and robotic systems. Target is a cyclic development process by iterative simulation, hardware development, deployment and control of components and systems. The Department of Analysis and Control of Complex Robot Systems contributes in particular the topics modeling and simulation, as well as identification and control. Besides stationary robot systems, mobile systems such as mobile manipulators and free-flying robot systems represent important application areas. The analysis and control of time delayed systems, such as those arising from telepresence applications, are of great importance for terrestrial as well as for space applications.

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, Analysis and Control of advanced robotic systems
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