2. CPACS/RCE Symposium

4-6 December 2012, Hamburg

We present our software RCE for CPACS in a one-day workshop at the 2nd CPACS/RCE symposium in Hamburg, Germany.

The CPACS/RCE Symposia bring experts in aircraft design from all over the world together. It intends to establish a community for aircraft design around the open source technologies CPACS and RCE. The first symposium in March 2012 addressed national partners.  The second symposium, which takes place in Hamburg, Germany, from 5-6 December 2012, focusses on extending the community with international experts.

On December 4th we will hold a one-day workshop in Hamburg. We invite all attendees of the symposium to get in touch with the technologies CPACS and RCE. During the workshop slides will play a secondary role. Our focus will be on hands-on tutorials, i.e., the participants will install our software RCE for CPACS on their own laptops and will do real-life, collaborative aircraft design with guided demonstrations.

We expect to have about 40 workshop attendees.


2. CPACS/RCE-Symposium


4-6 December 2012


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