Simulation and Software Technology

The mission of the DLR facility "Simulation and Software Technology" is research and development in software engineering technologies, and the incorporation of these technologies into DLR software projects. Current activities focus on software for distributed systems and mobile systems, software technologies for embedded systems, visualization, and high performance computing.

Software development costs account for an increasing fraction of the overall labor cost in R&D projects. For DLR, this fraction amounts to about a quarter of its personnel. As compared to manual techniques which still prevail in software development, the use of state-of-the-art software engineering technologies leads to better project results and more efficient development processes. In cooperation with DLR’s engineering institutes DLR "Simulation and Software Technology" takes part in demanding software development projects where it complements the application know-how of the other project partners.

Through its cooperation with world-wide leading partners as well as its collaboration in international forums and standardization bodies, the DLR "Simulation and Software Technology" takes an active role in the development of new software technologies and builds up corresponding expertise at DLR for future projects.

The DLR "Simulation and Software Technology" is located at the DLR sites in Cologne, Braunschweig and Berlin. It is divided into the departments "Distributed Systems and Component Software" and "Software for Space Systems and Interactive Visualization".

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Simulation and Software Technology
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