Quality assurance for application codes

The development of high quality software requires conscientious quality assurance at all development stages. The quality assurance process is closely linked to the development process and must be configured.

DLR Simulation and Software Technology has extensive experience in software quality assurance and has worked in numerous projects within the DLR and with outside clients. Those activities have included support and consulting for:

  • Targeted development and/or testing of software product quality

    This includes the definition and testing of system and software requirements, definition of quality requirements and metrics-based test technologies, software design analysis and consulting on defining software architectures.
  • Technical design of the system/software development process

    This includes proposing and implementing development and quality assurance standards and procedures; proposing, adapting and implementing tools for integrated support of the development process such as configuration management and tools for test administration.

DLR Simulation and Software Technology has experience in quality assurance both for scientific and technical software (e.g. simulation codes like FLOWer and TAU) and for commercial software (such as InnoGuide).

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