Software for Space Systems and Interactive Visualization

Spacecraft Development and Mission Planning

 Design analysis of spacecraft
zum Bild Design analysis of spacecraft

The main focus of the department "Software for Space Systems and Interactive Visualization" is on the investigation of software-based processes for the design of space systems. Beside the development of innovative approaches for Concurrent Engineering which leads to a first complete design in consideration of all engaged disciplines of engineering sciences, the research on complex frameworks for the evaluation of software in the loop (SiL) as well as hardware in the loop (HiL) using static and dynamic simulation models is one of our core activities. To increase the efficiency of such frameworks and to decrease the total cost, ways are investigated to integrate libraries of reusable simulation modules with unified and standardized interfaces.

Interactive Visualization

 Interactive modelling of satellites
zum Bild Interactive modelling of satellites

Scientific visualization and virtual reality systems are important key technologies for rapid development of functional prototypes. This is the reason why the investigation and development of methods and applications for interactive and immersive environments become more and more important for the department. This aims not only at the design of space systems but on all research activities at DLR.

Embedded Systems

For the development and research of new approaches for the design of space systems, embedded systems like on-board software for satellites plays a central role. The focus here is primarily on testing, the analysis of safety critical components, and robustness evaluation of real-time software. The efficiency of the embedded software developed in the department could already be proved by a real fault treatment of the already flying BIRD satellite.


 Analysis of realtime software for embedded systems
zum Bild Analysis of realtime software for embedded systems

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