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BEinGRID - Business Experiments in Grid

Project description

Grid computing promises to deliver a step-change in the way we do business in the European Union today. Its development is at a crucial stage. The Grid has already demonstrated its value to scientific research and it must now demonstrate its value to industry and commerce and thereby support the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy. This is the key goal of the Business Experiments in GRID (BEinGRID) Integrated Project.

In order to meet this goal, BEinGRID is focussed around two complementary activities. Firstly, the project will undertake a series of targeted business experiment pilots designed to implement and deploy Grid solutions in a broad spectrum of European business sectors. Nineteen business experiments are planned in the initial stage of the project with a second call for proposals in the latter stage. Secondly, a toolset repository of Grid service components and best practise will be created to support European businesses who wish to take-up this important new technology. Coupled with these two main activities are cross work package technical support and development, dissemination, demonstration and training activities. To minimise redevelopment of components, BEinGRID will deploy innovative Grid solutions using existing Grid components from across the European Union and beyond.

The outcome of the project will be a series of success stories from the take-up of Grid solutions by the businesses represented in the project, a repository of Grid middleware components and best practise, and a strong exploitation message from these success stories to stimulate the long-term take-up of Grid solutions by European business.

 BEinGRID Industry Days
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The consortium of 74 partners, led by Atos Origin, is drawn from across the European Union and represents the leading Grid research organisations committed to its business use and a broad spectrum of companies keen to assess the benefits to their productivity, competitiveness and profitability from their use of Grid solutions.

DLR Tasks

The DLR Simulation and Software Technology division is involved as Grid technology experts and technology provider in the BEinGRID business experiment “Ship Building” (BE 16). In this business experiment grid technologies for the ship building industry are developed. That will be tested on the basis of a simulation of a new component technology, the so-called sandwich technique. The Grid technology in this project provides a basis that enables a close co-operation between the engineers at the shipyard and the suppliers, which are the developers of the sandwich technology. Simulation of fire security and heat transfer in case of accidents require computational resources, which are not directly available at the engineer’s sites, such that secure integration of an application service provider has to be realised in the project. The technical implementation will be based on the interactive ship design and simulation environment SESIS. The Grid middleware that will be used is Unicore.

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01.06.2006 – 30.11.2009

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