Project Description

The On-Orbit Verification (OOV) is a project of the German national space program. In order to verify new technologies in space, a generic satellite bus called TET is being developed, which is led by the Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH. It is based on the successful bus concept of the BIRD satellite (Bi-Spectral Infra-Red Detection), which was launched in 2001.


Fig.: OOV-TET 1

DLR Simulation and Software Technology Tasks

The DLR Simulation and Software Technology, as a subcontractor, adapts and extends the attitude control software of the Bird satellite to suit the requirements of TET-1 satellite bus. It is also responsible for the documentation. This new satellite bus differs from its predecessor by a changed onboard data management. Also the sensors and actuators of the satellite have been modified and a new payload has been added.

The object-oriented design of the BIRD attitude control software makes the upcoming changes easier. Big parts of the software can be reused by partitioning the attitude control software in modules, independent of each other. Also enforcing strict separation between the hardware-specific software components and the hardware-independent regulation strategies will enable some reusability of the previous software. In the segments where changes are unavoidable, the clear separation among the individual interfaces of the hardware allows a quick adaptation to the new requirements.

The software development are done by using integrated software engineering tools for UML modeling, code generation, automated testing and for documentation generation. The development process is complemented with an independent system test and static code verification, in accordance to the requirements of the ECSS standards, which are mandatory for space projects.

Project State

TET-1 was successful launched at 22.07.2012. Currently it is in operation for the FireBIRD mission.

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Project Runtime

16.07.2007 - 31.12.2011

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