Important information for your visit

In general, we offer full-day visits to DLR_School_Lab. A program of instruction is drawn up for every visit in consultation with teachers from the visiting schools. Instruction usually begins around 9 am and finishes at 4 pm. But on request we can also offer half-day introductory courses and intensive courses lasting several days.

DLR_School_Lab Lampoldshausen/Stuttgart presently offers nine experiments:

  • Alternative propulsion concepts
    For energy in a healthy environment
  • Jet flow
    With maximum thrust into space
  • Materials research
    Lightweight, stable and extremely tough
  • Rocket engines
    The most powerful machines on earth
  • Flying into space
    Traveling into a mysterious vacuum
  • Combustion technology
    Looking into the heart of a flame
  • Measurement technology
    Seeing the invisible
  • Wastewater purification
    With the luminous power of oxygen
  • Conservation of momentum
    From Newton to multistage engines

A one-day visit to DLR_School_Lab Lampoldshausen/Stuttgart includes two blocks of experiments. Each experiment requires about 120 minutes to perform, including the introduction and evaluation. In order to give the students an opportunity to become actively involved and then discuss their results in some detail, each experiment is conducted in small groups with no more than four participants. Depending on the size of the class, up to nine groups can work in parallel. After a break the groups can then move on to another experiment.

The experiments are supplemented by a visit to the nearby space museum. A visit to the test stands can also be arranged, depending on possibilities and interest. If you would like to have such an additional program, please inform us at an early date since special planning is necessary on our part.

Since carrying out the experiments requires coordination with the participating staff, we assume that there will be no changes in the number of participants and the agreed date and time of your visit. If you need to make some adjustment, please let us know as soon as possible.

There is no charge for DLR_School_Lab instruction or for the visits to other DLR (or ESA) facilities.

Safety regulations

For safety reasons the names and addresses of the students and accompanying adults must be supplied in advance. Please send a list of participants to the DLR_School_Lab director about one week before your visit. The accompanying adult should be ready to supply personal identification.

You are requested to keep together as a group while on the DLR premises. You are not permitted to photograph or film anything at DLR except inside the DLR_School_Lab.


Your students can bring along their own food. We have cold drinks (mineral water, Cola, Fanta) available at cost (0.5l bottle for €0.65) in the lounge. We usually plan on a lunch break in the DLR cafeteria (soups, salads and main courses at prices between €0.60 and €3.90).

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