Navigation and guidance systems

Radio location and navigation in the new millennium

An independent European satellite navigation system under civilian control!

On the one hand, GALILEO assures Europe's independence of the two existing military systems, GPS (USA) and GLONASS (Russia), thus emphasizing European sovereignty. On the other hand, the intended compatibility and interoperability with GPS guarantee maximum utility for users by providing navigation signals of heretofore unknown reliability.

The Navigation and Guidance Systems Unit of the Institute of Communication and Navigation wants to play an important role in making a European contribution to a spaceborne navigation system, and strives to strengthen its own program relating to ground and consumer equipment. By integrating communication and navigation, new research fields of high economic relevance are to be opened up. In this context, we can list traffic guidance systems and multifunctional, economical and compact customer products. The research and development work relies on support from industry in the phase of basic science and getting ready for market. Special attention will be paid to simulating and testing system components.

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