School labs

Helmholtz Center Munich
School Labs Network in the Helmholtz Association
LeLa Learning Labs (German only)

Schools in and around Munich (German only)

Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium München
Christoph-Probst-Gymnasium Gilching
FOS/BOS Technik München

National and international mechanisms and programs

TECHNIK - Zukunft in Bayern (German only)
Activities for children, youngsters and teachers
This web page puts a portal on space applications at the disposal of the youth in Europe. It describes a particularly wide range of earth observation applications and describes how they are coordinated by the European space agency (ESA) and its European and national partners. The web page was developed under the sponsorship of EURISY and offers high school teachers and pupils the possibility to use earth observation data in the classroom.

Fostering the highly talented (German only)

Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium München
Literatur- und Materialsammlung zur Hochbegabtenförderung

Associations / federations (German only)

Touch the sky - Luftsportverband Bayern e.V.

General links (German only)

Lexikon der Fernerkundung
A encyclopedia especially for physics and geography teachers
Bayern Photonics
Optical technologies

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