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DLR_School_Lab at TU Hamburg-Harburg is a lively out-of-school learning centre that stimulates long-term interest in the STEM fields and aims to create enthusiasm for research (especially also among girls!). We address students at both cognitive and emotional levels. Either the Aeronautics Lab (since 2004) or the Ship Technology Lab (since 2011) can be booked. The experiments presented are described on this web site (link at left).

The advantages of DLR_School_Lab are that we provide experiments that are not normally done in schools, and that the student visitors are guided by qualified university student tutors who adapt themselves flexibly to the required age level. We can also communicate in English in the case of groups from abroad. One highlight is the realistic real-time simulation of a flight in a Cessna, or, in the case of a visit to the Ship Technology Lab, the simulated guidance of a large ship. The campus atmosphere of a major technical university and a lunchtime visit to the cafeteria (student prices) round off this eventful day of out-of-school learning.

Our lab can be visited by school classes from grades 4-13, whether from the Hamburg metropolitan region or further afield. A visit is free of charge. Groups usually take four hours to complete the programme (from 10 am to 2 pm including a lunch break), which has proved to be adequate. But you can also arrange for a shorter or longer visit, as well as an afternoon visit. Visits are also possible during the Hamburg school breaks.

The teaching material is geared to the Hamburg school curriculum and at the same time extends beyond it. Preparatory and follow-up classroom instruction is desirable but not mandatory, Have a look at the descriptions of the experiments on this web site and decide whether before visiting the Aeronautics Lab, for example, you would like to introduce the important concept of buoyancy. During your visit you receive a copy of the experiment description in flyer form for reviewing the material afterward. Sometimes students can also be motivated after their visit to participate in science competitions.

In addition to the School_Lab, for those in 10th grade and above we are pleased to offer an information session on studying at TUHH – It usually begins around 09:15 am.

In addition to regular School_Lab activities there are numerous special events like Girls‘ Day, Knowledge Night, Technomathematics Activity Days, Summer Camp Shipbuilding, Gyro Gearloose Competition, and the Simulator Specials of the Technology Fascination Club. Let us know if you are interested. For the future the lab is also planning project days for school classes to supplement the regular visits by investigating topics in considerably more depth, Another plan is to bring together particularly gifted and motivated students in a club atmosphere.

Many schools in the Hamburg metropolitan region have ties to TUHH through a partnership agreement and in this way benefit from their proximity to a research institution. We are happy to inform you about this program as well.

Motivated and committed students are always welcome to complete a course of practical training with us. Please send the customary application papers to our mailing address in good time.


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