Arranging for a visit

Instructions for the application form

Please apply using the online form. This is better than a phone call since we are often busy with groups, and it also means that we can enter your request directly into our system.

As mentioned in the section on “Information for Teachers” visits to School_Lab usually last four hours (10 am to 2 pm, including a lunch break). But you can also arrange for shorter or longer visits or afternoon visits, as desired.

For 10th grade students and above we are happy to offer an information session about studying at TUHH conducted by Dr. Mutzel (School Contacts Department) and usually beginning at 09:15 am. If you have other wishes and suggestions simply note them on the application form and we will get in touch with you promptly.

It is of course in your interest to let us know at the earliest possible date when you would like to visit us. This is especially true for class excursions or school project weeks where arrangements have to be made for the attendance of several classes at different levels.

In the case of senior class trips a visit can be meaningful combined with an Airbus factory tour (see“links”) – then you can experience Hamburg as an aviation centre! An alternative is a visit to the Ship Technology Lab combined with a visit to a wharf and the Maritime Museum (see“links”).

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