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The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is one of Europe's largest and most modern research institutions. Here is where the aircraft of the future are being developed and pilots trained, rocket engines tested and images of distant planets analyzed. In addition, ca. 8,000 DLR staff members are investigating next-generation high-speed trains, environmentally responsible methods of generating energy, and much more ...

 Robotics - just one of many interesting topics offered at DLR_School_Lab
zum Bild Robotics - just one of many interesting topics offered at DLR_School_Lab

Researching nature, educating people, taking up technological challenges and helping to design a response to the changes our society is undergoing are the core responsibilities of TU Dortmund. Over 22,000 people study at TU Dortmund in 16 faculties. The focus is on the natural and engineering sciences as well as teacher training.

"Chaos in the solar system", "Robotics and virtual worlds", "Future vehicles" - these are just a few of the topics addressed at DLR_School_Lab TU Dortmund. Here children and young people can themselves become researchers and explorers by carrying out experiments on their own and informally learning under expert guidance. In this way DLR_School_Lab TU Dortmund offers students fascinating and diverse possibilities to become involved with attractive research topics.


 Students measuring out chemicals to produce microcapsules
zum Bild Students measuring out chemicals to produce microcapsules

DLR_School_Lab TU Dortmund began in 2008 as a joint project of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Dortmund Technical University. It brings together the fascinating topics investigated at DLR as one of Germany's largest research institutions and at TU Dortmund as an innovative and outstanding university. DLR_School_Lab TU Dortmund is sponsored by the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Innovation, Science, Research and Technology as part of its "Future through Innovation" (zdi) initiative.

Based on the well tested DLR_School_Lab concept in operation since 2000, the new student lab was established right on the campus of TU Dortmund. Besides a visit to the student lab itself with its numerous experimental facilities developed and assembled specifically for the children and young people, school classes can also, depending on their age and the scheduling possibilities, tour the large DELTA electron accelerator on the campus.

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