The enerMENA Modules

To tap the solar potential in the MENA region, concentrating solar power (CSP) plants must be reliable, efficient and cost-effective. In contrast to conventional fossil power plants, CSP plants have high investment costs and almost no fuel costs.

As a consequence, the total investment is made at the beginning of each project and a CSP project must be planned, constructed and operated correctly. The module ‘technology’ deals with the optimization of the CSP technology, the development of quality assurance techniques and the know-how transfer of these techniques to skilled personnel in the MENA region.

> More information about the enerMENA technology support for our MENA partner countries

The module ‘people’ aims at supporting the know-how transfer of CSP technologies to educational and R&D institutions, project developers, and professionals in the MENA region forming highly qualified local work force in the area of concentrating solar power technology.

With an extensive course program enerMENA directly supports the partner countries in forming highly qualified personal for present and future concentrating solar power plants in the region.
The training program addresses six different target groups of participants. To meet the specific expectations of each target group, different courses have been tailored according to their needs.

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The objective of this module is to strengthen the scientific exchange between the enerMENA Partners and foster the participation of the local industry and private sector to support the CSP market development in the region. The following activities are part of the enerMENA Module III:

  • enerMENA Meteo-Network
    > More information on the enerMENA Meteo-Network
  • Joint R&D Research
  • Test and R&D Infrastructure

> More information about the activities in the area of Project Development

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