CSP Technology Support for enerMENA Partner Countries

The measured data is property of the individual project consortium and is treated highly confidential. Non-disclosure agreements are signed by the parties.

Mobile laboratory equipment

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The partner institutions were provided with a mobile measurement laboratory each to enable them conducting own optical and thermal measurement campaigns. In this regard, a technical team in each partner country was trained on using this laboratory and on performing such measurement campaigns. Furthermore, technical support is offered on the long term to these technicians by the enerMENA project team. 

Development of Measurement Techniques

Among the measurement techniques applied to solar concentrators are photogrammetry to characterize collector steel structures, air-borne deflectometry to measure mirror slope errors or the measurement of forces and angles to derive mechanical properties as the collector torsion stiffness.
To ensure high efficiency during operation, DLR has developed techniques to measure the collector efficiency. A bypass with a precise coriolis meter was manufactured and commissioned to the parabolic trough plant in Kuraymat, Egypt. Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters can be calibrated with the in-situ heat transfer fluid under actual operating conditions. Precise efficiency measurements using this bypass, a precision meteorological station, and properly installed temperature sensors will be possible.

 Bypass scheme
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