enerMENA Meteo-Network

The main objective behind the establishment of the enerMENA network of meteorological stations (enerMENA Meteo-Network) is to supply reliable meteorological data of the MENA region especially those of the Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) that are necessary for the implementation of CSP technologies.

 enerMENA Meteo-Network
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In the first phase of the project, eight high-precision meteorological stations are being installed in five MENA partner countries (see list of partners below) to set up a base for the enerMENA Meteo-Network.
The obtained meteorological data are bilaterally shared and jointly analysed with project partners. Moreover, the data is available for all parties working on CSP related R&D activities in the region. It can be used also for the preparation of feasibilitiy studies, project performance calculations, support of project financing and solar power plant operation monitoring.

enerMENA Meteo-Network Partners


Organisation Country
New Energy Algeria (NEAL) Algeria
Cairo University Egypt
New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) Egypt
University of Jordan Jordan
South Development Authority (MDA) Jordan
Université Mohammed Premier Oujda Morocco
Technopole (CRTEn) Tunisia
National Gas and Electricity Company (STEG ER) Tunisia

Technical data of the enerMENA Meteo Network

The enerMENA stations provide measurement data of:

• Direct normal solar irradiance (DNI), uncertainty between 1 and 2%
• Diffuse horizontal solar irradiance (DHI),
• Global horizontal (GHI) solar irradiance.
• Ambient temperature,
• Relative humidity,
• Barometric pressure,
• Wind speed and wind direction.

The enerMENA meteorological stations are equipped with a Kipp & Zonen CHP1 first class pyrheliometer and ventilated CMP21 secondary standard pyranometers mounted on a Solys 2 sun tracker with a sun sensor.

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