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Research and Development


Qualification - Testing and evaluation for performance optimization
(16. December 2015)

Receiver testing using the Elli-Rec test bench. Source: DLR


Individual components and collector systems, their interplay in the system of a power plant, and the meteorological conditions of a location have a strong impact on the performance and cost efficiency of solar power plants. We therefore develop measurement techniques which can be used to study and evaluate these factors. The results are used to identify and apply possible improvements of the components and systems.

Besides this we develop guidelines and standards for testing procedures and quality criteria. We transfer our research results into customer-oriented services. Our testing and qualification services provide industry clients with information to improve the quality, performance, and competitiveness of their products. Three different working groups focus on:


Component durability


Dr.-Ing. Peter Heller
Head of Qualification

German Aerospace Center

Institute of Solar Research
, Qualification
Tabernas (Spanien)

Tel.: +34 950 362817

Fax: +34 950 365313

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