DLR - Institute of Solar Research - 26. Juli 2012: Best Paper Award to Researchers from Institute of Solar Research

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26. Juli 2012: Best Paper Award to Researchers from Institute of Solar Research

On the "ASME 6th International Conference on Energy Sustainability" was the conference contribution of Dipl.-Ing. Siw Meiser from the Institute of Solar Research awarded a Best Paper Award. The award was won by the DLR research team of engineers and physicists with the co-authors Dipl.-Ing Christoph Kleine-Büning, Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Uhlig, Dr.-Ing. Björn Schiricke, Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Lüpfert and Univ. Dr.-Ing. Robert Pitz-Paal. The International Conference on Sustainable Energy was held from 23.-26. July in San Diego / California.

QUARZ solar simulator test bench for the asessment of the optical efficiency of parabolic trough receivers

In the conference paper "Finite Element Modeling Of Parabolic Trough Mirrors For Analysis Of Shape Accuracy In Different Mirror Angles" Siw Meiser presents research results from the Department of qualification of the Institute of Solar Research. The paper describes a finite element model that can be used to analyze, assess and improve the dimensional accuracy of parabolic trough mirrors under actual conditions of use.

The research in the department "qualification" in the Institute of Solar Research focuses on the development and provision of appropriate measurement methods, devices and standards to measure and evaluate the quality of the components and systems in solar thermal power plants. Other research areas are the identification of degradation mechanisms occurring, verification of the components resistance to accelerated aging process and the measurement and evaluation of the performance of solar fields in the increasing number of solar thermal power plants in locations with high solar radiation.



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