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Adressen und Anreiseinformationen

Plataforma Solar de Almería, Spain

(10. September 2013)
In the province of Almeria in southeast Spain, on the edge of Tabernas Desert, lies the Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA). Owner and operator of the PSA is the spanish research center for energy, environmental studies and technology CIEMAT, a co-operation partner of the DLR for many years. more ...


(10. September 2013)
In Jülich, the DLR Institute of Solar Research operates Germany’s unique Solar Tower as experimental solar thermal power plant. Funded by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and in cooperation with partners from industry and research the Solar Tower Jülich will be developed further to a solar research center through additional installations and test fields. more ...


(10. September 2013)
At the DLR site Stuttgart the Institute of Solar Research is present with employees of the departments Point Focus Systems and Line Focus Systems. Their presence in Stuttgart offers optimal conditions for the close collaboration with researchers of the DLR Institute of Technical Thermodynamics. more ...

Cologne, Headquarter of the DLR and the Institute of Solar Research

(10. September 2013)
The Institute for Solar Research has its main site at the DLR headquarter in Cologne. Here the Institute operates the major research facility “High-Flux Solar Furnace and Xenon-High-Flux Solar Simulator”, the “Test and Qualification Center for Concentrating Solar technology QUARZ® and several laboratories. The institute is further more involved in the Cologne-based competence center for ceramic materials and thermal storage technologies CeraStorE®. more ...


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