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Ongoing Research Projects (extract)


(7. October 2014)
Indusol - Industrialisation of ceramic solar absorbers
The objectives of the collaborative project INDUSOL are the development and testing of industrial manufacturing process for the production of volumetric solar absorbers made from silicon carbide ceramics. The scientists of the Institute of Solar Research work together with their colleges from the DLR Institute of Materials Research and with their industry partner Saint-Gobain Industriekeramik Rödental GmbH. more ...

Virtual Institute SolarSynGas

(18. March 2014)
Thermochemical Research for CO2-neutral Renewable Fuels
The Virtual Institute SolarSynGas pursues the long-term goal to produce CO2-neutral renewable fuels efficiently and economically via a thermo-chemical route. Behind SolarSynGas are the DLR Institutes of Solar Research and Materials Research and the three universities KIT Karlsruhe, TU Clausthal and ETH Zurich. more ...


(18. March 2014)
Solar Production of Hydrogen
The European research project SOL2HY2 (Solar to Hydrogen Hybrid Cycles) investigates the Hybrid Sulphur Cycle (HyS) for solar hydrogen production. This process - also known as Westighouseprozess or "Ispra Mark 11" - is considered one of the most promising approaches to generate hydrogen by use of thermal energy. more ...


(18. March 2014)
Analysis of high-resultion measurements from TSE1 power station in Kanjanabouri/Thailand
The project Kandis (Scientific monitoring of direct steam generation in the Kanjanaburi power plant) aims to accelerate the market introduction of direct steam generation in parabolic trough power plants. To this end, more than 400 high-resolution measurements of the TSE1 power plant in Kanjanaburi, Thailand are evaluated, the first parabolic trough power plant using direct solar steam generation and superheating. The data is provided by Solarlite CSP Technology GmbH, general contractor of TSE1 power station. more ...


(18. March 2014)
Solarthermal electricity generation in combination with biomass
In the frame of the EU Project REELCOOP a solar thermal power plant in the small range is being investigated in combination with biomass. more ...


(18. March 2014)
Direct integration of solar steam into steam generator
In the project SolSteam the Institute of Solar Research develops and investigates in collaboration with it's partners Industrial Solar and Viessman concepts for the integration of solar steam directly into a steam generator for secure supply of industrial steam systems. more ...


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