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Ongoing Research Projects (extract)


(13. March 2014)

Simulation-aided Operation Optimisation for Solar Tower Plant

In this collaborative project , the DLR Institute of Solar Research works jointly with its industry partners Kraftanlagen München GmbH and CSP Services GmbH as well as with the research partners RWTH and FH Aachen/Jülich Solar Institute on software-based methods to improve the operation of solar thermal tower power plants.

The first emphasis lies on the development of a method for the aim point optimization to increase the receiver performance.

The optimal distribution of the aim points on the receiver surface will be determined by using the calculated reflected radiation of the heliostats as a starting point. Prerequisite is the precise simulation of the reflected radiation of the heliostats with high-resolution surface data of the mirrors from deflectometry measurements. Furthermore, a detailed numeric software model for the receiver is necessary, describing the thermal output as a function of the radiation distribution on the surface of the receiver. At the Jülich Solar Tower, the scientists test the method in real operation.

Second focus of the project is the development of an “operation assistance system” to support the operating staff of the solar tower plant.
This model-based system is planned in three stages of development:

In the first step, the prediction mode, the model can predict the system state at any time in the future, provided that no manual interventions are made. In the second stage, the maneuver simulator, it is calculated how the system would react if various control parameters were modified. In the third stage, the proposal mode shall deliver optimal parameter settings to operate the plant  close to its optimum in any situation.

The two main focuses of the project  are accompanied by a series of measures which are necessary for their implementation:

  • Development of a new heliostat field control software to enable, among others, the  communication  with the aim point optimization system
  • Revision of a part of the heliostat field to increase the concentration factor
  • Development and application of a  raw (primary) calibration system for  newly installed heliostats
  • Construction of an automated measurement system for the continuous analysis of heliostat surfaces with the deflectrometry method
  • Installation of a test receiver to validate the method for the aim point optimization (operational since October 2013)


Project Partners: Kraftanlagen München GmbH  
  CSP Services GmbH  
  RWTH Aachen  
  FH Aachen/Solar-Institut Jülich  
Duration: 15.2.2012 – 14.2.2015  
Sponsered by:




Peter Schwarzbözl
German Aerospace Center

Institute of Solar Research
, Point Focus Systems

Tel.: +49 2203 601-2967

Fax: +49 2203 601-4141

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