Product Portfolio

The Systemhaus Technik (SHT):

  • Is a point of contact and service provider for the institutes and facilities of DLR
  • Is a provider of end-to-end and innovative system solutions from initial idea to completed product in scientific equipment building
  • Is a networked association and thus able to provide the entire range of SHT expertise and capacities to its customers regardless of location
  • Bundles existing expertise and technologies in the fields of engineering, precision manufacturing, integration and experiment support
  • Offers extensive engineering knowledge, state-of-the-art production technologies and test procedures
  • Bundles internal and external capacities into a package solution for all aspects of scientific equipment building by buying in specific external know-how, manufacturing and engineering services

The SHT offers all institutes and facilities of DLR full access to its entire product portfolio, which comprises a broad range of products and services from the SHT and is structured into the following areas of application and project groups:

Experiment Technology

 Experiment Technology - Product examples
zum Bild Experiment Technology - Product examples
  • Comprises specimen manufacturing of test objects for acquiring data directly in experiments or for experimental validation of calculations
  • Product examples: EPISTLE model (aeronautics), orbital glider model with multi-component scales (space exploration), rotor with measuring instruments (energy), ICE model (transportation)


 Systems - Product examples
zum Bild Systems - Product examples
  • Setting up complete experiments (systems) consisting of test object, mechanisms for attaching and manipulating the test object, measuring instruments and further components, and adjusting them to each other
  • E.g.: multi-axis model support with lightweight model (MPM), air heater, CCD camera, simulator for hybrid concept

System components

 System components - Product examples
zum Bild System components - Product examples
  • Deployment of individual system components or combination of several system components into a single system
  • E.g.: fly-by-wire sidestick, VEGA model, CFC nozzle for EGG, steering column test bed

Experiment support

 Experiment support
zum Bild Experiment support
  • Direct support in all areas pertaining to scientific experimentation
  • E.g.: test beds, test facilities, flight operations and space flight operations, field campaigns, wind tunnels

Peter Georgino
Managing Director of the SHT

Tel: + 49 30 67055-541

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