The Technology Systems House - Systemhaus Technik (SHT)

Systemhaus Technik (SHT) is a facility for engineering and integrated manufacturing in scientific equipment building. We offer our customers efficient and state-of-the-art Technical Workshops at five DLR locations. They are grouped under the umbrella of the SHT and provide end-to-end services from consulting through developing and manufacturing scientific test materials to installations in test facilities.

The SHT offers you:

 The Technology Systems House
zum Bild The Technology Systems House

  • End-to-end processes from customer enquiry to invoicing
  • Simple interfaces for using the in-house technical services within the SHT´
  • A high level of quality in implementing customer-specific system requirements
  • High-quality and flexible onsite experiment support
  • Individual customer support thanks to specified and competent contact persons

In the case of requests or requirements it cannot meet itself, the SHT co-ordinates the provision of the required service, and also offers package solutions through networks and strategic co-operations with internal and external partners.

Technological fields

The SHT provides expertise in the following technological fields:

  • Experimental devices and system components, e.g. for use from the cryogenic to the high temperature range
  • Lightweight models and system components made of fibre-composite materials (carbon fibre, fibre glass etc.)
  • Systems and system components for compressors and turbine test beds
  • Electronic components and systems for stationary test facilities and flight experiments
  • Development and integration of measuring instrumentation

    Construction and manufacturing techniques 

     Certification mark
    zum Bild Certification mark

    In order to implement the requests of our customers, the SHT uses a closed chain of CAE/CAM technologies to process orders. For constructing components and entire assemblies and for CNC programming machine tools, the CATIA CAD system is used throughout. Compatibility is ensured by means of interfaces to the Pro/ENGINEER and AutoCAD systems. In the field of electronics, we use the CAE systems PADS and EAGLE for developing circuitry and designing layouts. Laboratory and test systems are programmed with SPS or LabVIEW.

    The TSH additionally offers further manufacturing techniques such as:

  • CNC milling and turning
  • Eroding and joining techniques
  • Processing of fibre-composite materials (CFC and GFC)
  • Manufacturing of circuit boards to EU standard (lead-free) as well as to ESA and NASA standards
  • Circuit board assembly incl. SMD technology

    Co-operations and networks

     Co-operation partners
    zum Bild Co-operation partners

    The SHT works with renowned project partners (such as Airbus, MTU) in international networks and co-operations. Examples include the E2CM project and the Design Organisation. E2CM is the name of a co-operation between the SHT, the Technical Workshops of ONERA and the NLR in the field of constructing and manufacturing experimental devices. In collaboration with the DLR Design Organisation, the SHT manufactures experimental components for DLR's in-flight simulators (ATTAS, FHS etc), involving the application of specific procedures and the creation of appropriate documentation.

  • Contact
    Peter Georgino
    Managing Director of the SHT

    Tel: + 49 30 67055-541

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